aka The Greatest Fell Race Never

As a fill-in for those that fancied the Team Enduro but kinda let it drift too far….. its back as an individual format in MapRun form. I plan to run myself on the same weekend as the original was planned (13th/14th July). Quickest time set by say 4pm on the 14th gets the Trophy (its a beaut!) & beer (its brown & runny).

Its grown legs since last posted…. just over 19k & 1100m in total. 13 timed stages totalling 10k with 300m ascent & 1000m descent. Trods are mainly run in the downhill direction, the plods in the uphill! Hopefully about 1 hour racing (for us mortals) with maybe another 2 hours plodding.

The MapRun event is setup to only time the timed stages (timer paused on the transfer legs). So jog & chat and get your breathe back. I have tested the pause feature out – it works but has a bleep noise whilst activated – hence a ‘touch’ annoying so all I can think is to have your phone handy and mute it on the longer transfer legs then unmute as you get close to the next timed ‘entry’ control.

If not wanting to use MapRun (if you know where you are going!) you could always just record GPX track from GPS device (strava, garmin, etc) and upload afterwards. MapRunG users…. no idea if the auto-pause will work!

If you are running with the MapRun app you do not need to do anything for the transfer legs – it will auto-pause until you trigger the next timed ‘entry’ control. If just running with Strava/gps watch tracking/etc then just run the route (but make sure you get close enough to the controls) – take it easy on the transfer legs as when you upload the GPX file it will not include these legs in the time.

To help you out the MapRun position marker & track will stay live as you run and the map is marked with the approx best line…. so if you get lost then seriously consider taking up cross-stitch or darts.

Apologies for high bracken on Stage 3 & 11… could be a wee bit of gorse mixed in there too…. hoo hum.

Map below if you want to print it.

Notes: iss3 map correct tracks for stage 6 & stage 12.

Download latest version 3 – MapRun files in UK/Wales/Clwyd/Fell Race/Enduro

Direct Link to MapRun file: