14th January 2025 TBC. 7pm start (or earlier by agreement). £2.50 per runner. No solo runners. Online entry only.

The Horse BM NS

Follows the Cilcain Skyline. Mostly good easy running with a couple of thigh-burn climbs. Checkpoints will be marshalled or punch controls.

NO SOLO RUNNERS. Pairs, trios, quads or more. Only lead runner needs to enter (they will fill in others details). Time bonuses – Trio’s get 7 min time bonus – Quads (& more) get 15 min time bonus. Start as a group – finish as a group. Will be chilled out event where you can run with mates or as a club. Good winter leg stretch and pint afterwards.

If you want to run out earlier then let me know as the course will be set early doors. e.g. if any juniors want to run and get home in time for cocoa.

Bring a headtorch and carry full safety gear in your pair/group – including group shelter, spare torch/batteries, first aid kit, etc. Lets stay safe out there folks.

Prizes likely to be turkey leftovers from Christmas….

Any proceeds from race will go to Cilcain Loos – community run toilets who have done an amazing job since the local council decided that public toilets were an inconvenience.

Race Map – 2025 odd year will be anti-clockwise!

The Horse 1:25k Map will change to add another checkpoint in to keep out of the lower fields.

CP2 to CP3 offers a couple of route options.

Venue:   White Horse Inn, Cilcain (Postcode CH7 5NN).

Standard WFRA safety equipment must be worn/carried. Toilets available at start which will be opened late for us.

Age limit:  18.  I will allow younger runners to run with parent/guardian/coach in group – please contact RO.