Tuesday 16th January 2024

137 runners in 44 teams took part on a chilly snow dusted course. Running clockwise and with more of a mass start than last year meant quite a few stile queues formed initially – apologies I will fix if we do another.

A more aggressive handicap system was used based on number of runners, oldest runner & male/female/mixed ratio in the teams. The balance was slightly too generous to older/larger groups who scooped 1st & 2nd place ahead of the Eccles/Gomez (actual winners) so maybe this needs to be dialled back.

Lovely to hear from so many of you afterwards. Can you believe a few folks ran this as their first fell race!

Think everyone had a good run and some fun. Bit of snow. Pics from the ridge looked ace. Chaotic prize giving. You all got a free sauna in the pub afterwards.

Super happy Landlady. Super large stack of loo rolls provisioned for the village toilets – loads of happy bums for visitors & those caught short. Turns out the public (i.e. you) don’t think public conveinences are inconvienent like the council do. Thankyou for helping keep our loos open.

Couple of other RO learning points gained throughout the night which I will roll forward.

Full Race Results – handicap – follow link