Please read the following safety guidance:

In addition to the WFRA guidance due to length of race and time of year the following additional kit is MANDATORY:
+ Full body Waterproofs MUST be worn or carried.
+ Spare thermal layer (top) MUST be carried (and bottoms if you choose to run in shorts)
The RO also advises carrying a Foil-lined bivvy bag/emergency shelter

The foil-lined emergency shelter can be sourced from e-bay/amazon for less than a fiver. They are lightweight and will save your life. Remember the Mountain Rescue may take 1-2 hours to get to you – will your vest & skimpy shorts keep the cold out?

Full safety guidance and rules for competition can be found at

2025 Map & Checkpoint Grids
The Race Organiser welcomes feedback and comment both before and after the race – the inbox is always open.

Recce info: You are an ambassador for the fell race race community. Our races need supportive landowners. PLEASE be courteous and gracious if approached by anyone. STAY ON OPEN ACCESS LAND or public rights of way. DO NOT climb fences – there are gates, stiles & step-overs. Close gates behind you. Do not spook the sheep – take extra care around Ewes with new-born lambs. If you are recceing then please travel in equipped groups and let someone know where you are going. Carry a FULLY charged phone.

MapRun Recce Files are on the server –

Race Map

Course TBD

Full course is circa TBC dependant on line taken. Stay safe – take your safety kit.

Short course will be circa 20k & 1100m.

Race day checkpoint controls will be control punches and likely MapRun.

Race Info Sheet  – Yet to be posted

In the case of poor weather & visibility the race route could be changed at the ROs discretion either to protect runners and/or race marshals.